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Warmup Week
by Denis Oakley in

I've been doing a few recovery runs and cycles to start warming my muscles up. It's strange. I don't feel I;'ve trained for months. The last proper training was in the lead up to the Hash Marathon in April. Then 2 weeks off for recovery and injury; then 2 weeks trekking out to Everest and then the marathon and more weeks recovery.

One more marathon and then I'll have done 4 marathons in 4 months. It's not the road marathons that are the problem - it's the trail marathons that take 8 - 12 hours that really screw up the body.

Still next year I think that there will be some pretty cool TNF ultras that will be worth doing :)

Psychologically I'm starting to be ready to move out of this period of hard racing; no training and too much beer drinking. There's going to be lots of adjustment required - both on a family basis and workwise.

That said I'm looking forward to it and getting on with my life.


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