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Quick Cycle out to Guthrie Highway
by Denis Oakley in

I'm slowly moving forward to a training state of mind. I've been cruising for too long now and am really starting to feel the need to push myself; to start preparing for IMWA.

The last few days I've been doing short recovery sessions on the treadmill and the bike to start getting the blood flowing and everything into working order. My diet is slowly becoming a training diet as I cut down on the meat and beer and focus on what I want to achieve.

With the new business I know that everything is going to be a challenge - there is certainly going to be a huge temptation to cut sessions short or miss them altogether. At the same time it is an amazing feeling to be out training and it puts everything into perspective and makes it all fun again.

So this morning I was up at 0600 and ready to be on the road just before dawn. The start got delayed as Shen and I chatted about Maya for 90 minutes over a cup of tea and then I was on the road. The first time in a long time.

Up the hill to the Toll on the LDP and then I cranked the iPhone up and pushed it. I love the endorphin rush - it seems exceptionally strong when mixed with love, good music and SPEED!

The circuit was good and I could really feel the benefits of altitude training. In Nepal anything with less than a 20% slope was considered flat and now that I'm back I understand what they mean. On the hill coming up to the R&R on the Guthrie highway I kept my speed over 30km/h which was hard - and still had enough breath to sing along to the Clash. Great.

Really enjoyable - my last ride for a while when I can pedal how and when and where I want with no plan constraining me. I cycled for fun and went fast and loved every minute of it. Cracking ride - even if it was less than 90 minutes :)


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