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Ironman Western Australia Training Started
by Denis Oakley in

Yesterday was my last day of training freedom. I decided to head out to Bukit Aman - but woke up late and made a last minute decision to start at the 5km mark. Saw Sam Pritchard as I was driving down and thought cool I'll see if I can catch him.

It ghot into my head this idea of ctaching sam. I figured that he must be a kilometre ahead of me and I only had 4 or 5km before Petronas before he'd turn round - and Sam does turn quickly. So lots of juice.

And I flowed. I was just under 12km/h all the way to Petronas. Breathing was slightly heavy - no talking possible - but very comfortable. And hills - what hills :) Sure it's the effect of the altitude training - and I have my eye on a hypoxico altitude trainer :)

Saw Sofian and said hi briefly - intended to catch jhim up on the way back but never saw him

Caught Sam at Petronas and ran back with him and Ralph Dixon - who I met for the first time. Ralph and I had a mini mutual admiration society meeting. I thought he was cool for doing MDS. He thought I was cool for doing the Everest Marathon. He was really fast though and I bailed when I got back to the car so that I could take the kids to FRIM.

Also said hi to Bee and Chris and sure there were a few other :)

Into the pool this morning for a sprint session. In hadn't been in the pool since April so it was tough. Arms and strokes disintegrated after about 25 - 30m. Oooh. 50m sprints are no fun but I need to do them.

Emma, whose also coached by Ironguides, was also in the pool doing a similar session and making it look easy. She might have been slacking but I doubt it. Never the less I did feel good as there were some girls learning to swim in the lane next to me. So I compared them to me and felt really super powered.

Great - thank you girls :)


Emma said...

HI Denis, Great to see you in the pool this morning, hopefully this could be a regular meeting...will make it less lonely for me :) Wanted to loan you my tube for a couple of lengths but did not have the chance. Next time!
BTW: sorry to be anal but I have to state that i WAS coached by Vinnie of IG's but since last year am now coached by Brett, teamTBB :)
See ya soon!

Denis Oakley said...

Why did I run away so quickly? If you won't drag though why not just wear a big floppy t-shirt?

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