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and Smouldering
by Denis Oakley in

Yesterday (Friday) I picked up my race t-shirt for the Damansara Perdana 7k run and bumped into Don Khor. I wasn't feeling totally great and kept on putting off my swim in the hope that I'd feel better. It didn't happen.

I was thinking about the 7k. Perfect race for me. It runs from the new development on the hill behind Damansara Perdana out to Flora Damansara (by the toll on the LDP) and back. Every section of it I could viualise running it really fast and how well I was doing relative to the other runners. I must have run it 50 times or more.

So I got all my race kit out last night ready for the off at 0800 this morning. The course is very with a steep descent followed by 2 short sharp ascents and then a long descent followed by a slight uphill. Then reversed. Hard on the legs and lungs. Great if you've just spent 3 weeks running at altitude over worse terrain.

I got up got dressed and started coughing. I coughed up big blobs of green stuff about the size of a 50 sen piece. Definitely chewable. Kept on coughing. OK. Lets cycle up to the start and watch. Kept on coughing. In the end I stayed at home and watched from the balcony.


I'm canning tomorrow's run as well and am now on antibiotics. Need to get well soon but better to hold off and get better faster. KL Marathon at the end of the week.


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