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And Burned....
by Denis Oakley in

Tuesday was a study in endurance - keeping on going - whilst minimising the energy cost to get through the day. I did it but by the time evening came I was just lying on the sofa with my eyes close. We had a pow wow about my new company and the only way that I could energise myself was through beer. Not the bext choice but it did mean that I was able to make a contribution or two.

I also promised to check out with Vinnie, my coach, about whether I should continue training through, or not. His advice:

  1. Stop training but not exercise. Exercise for 20-30 minutes each day to stimulate the immune system
  2. If no improvement take the weekend off

"But light exercise (i didn say training) and short, doesnt stress your immune system and increases your metabolism, it also helps with sleep and diet, which helps you to recover"

So yesterday was a rest day as there was no way I could do anything and Shen wouldn't have let me anyway. I didn't even do any work or touch my e-mail.

This morning the snot and the lethargy are reduced and I woke up at 0630 - not ready to rock and roll - but better. So downstairs and onto the bike for 20 minutes of gentle cycling. Think of how your mum cycles. Not even a sweat.

Got to take it easy though and time off now will pay dividends in clearing it all out and getting back to top form.

Finally thanks to this fan who like the new blog look - and who has a great new look for team trihard.


Emma said...

Hey there! WOW looks like we simulated our burn outs..I attempted the training yesterday and well oh lets not go there - I still had to work but worked from home so I was able to look like crap and function! today is my rest day - I didn't even ask for it this time as I know now WHEN to take them - first in 3 weeks with active recovery tomorrow - but I am getting itchy feet already :(
Maybe see you in the pool in the morning?? thanks again for the pictures - it will make a GREAT story.
yes, yes will put all links in place.

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