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Sick Again
by Denis Oakley in

Wentto bed early last night after spending most of the evening reading. Felt a bit slow when I woke upso stayed in bed till just before 7 and had some cereal with flax seeds. Then headed off for swim. Wasn't really convinced as was coughing and felt really under the weather. The question was "am I a wimp or sick". Two people tried to ram me on the way to the pool despite beeping and emergency braking. Sickness or the environment. I sat in the car for 5 minutes once I got to the pool debating whether to swim before heading up.

The pool was cold and I started warming up with breaststroke. Arm still hurt so I switched to crawl. I was tired after 50m and was cold and having my stroke fall apart after 100m. Enough.

Off to bed for lots of recovery time :(

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plee said...

You look like you really need to rest and recover! Take care Denis!

Mr & Mrs Smith The Couple Store said...

Hey Denis, hope you're feeling much better already! It's important to give our bodies lots of rest when needed, eh?

Anyway, been receiving lots of spam on our blog, and we finally got down to clearing ALL of them this afternoon. That's when we discovered the comment you left us in March! Thank you for the compliments ;)

Will continue keeping things interesting for all our friends. Keep in touch, and take care!

Denis Oakley said...

Thanks Guys - spent most of the day in bed sleeping and reading. Felt good enough to go to a meeting this evening and looking forward to more sleep now :)

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