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Easy Peasy Hill Intervals
by Denis Oakley in

Being sick is always a problem with triathletes. Training boosts the immune systems for a while and then as the load increases it supresses it. Hard races also leave you vulnerable. So it's not really a surprise that I was sick again yesterday having had 2 heavy workouts - The swimathon and a very fast 90 minutes on the treadmill  - quite soon after being ill previously.

I spent most of yesterday in bed sleeping after trying to swim in the morning. Today whilst I feel better I don't feel 100%. The question is do I stick with the plan. The plan is there to bring consistency into my training and to address my weak points and get me ready for my key races. Each session I miss hurts that.

The plan though is fundamentally a guide and whilst it is important to keep training it is not a simple black and white decision. It was tempting to do hard hill intervals this morning - but the costs would have been quite hight. Not doing anything would have been bad - partly for psychological reasons and partly because the body when it's sick can use a boost to the metabolism.

So I did the session but made all the intervals easy. It still took me 1/2 an hour and I still felt I had a good workout but I don't feel that I put much stress on the body. That's good for now. At the same time doing an easy version of the session is still allowing me to keep the muscles in shape and help prepare them for next week.


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