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Weekly Update
by Denis Oakley in

Last week went well for the first time in ages :)

Monday swim was done with a bit of effort but done it was. 2.4 k done
Tuesday run was done very late and I ran up onto the hill behind Armanee Terrace and watched the sun set. beautiful - slow going over the rough terrain at the top.
Wednesday - on to the bike on the balcony. I changed the session here to do 4 minutes hard and 1 minute rest as I can't get my head around the timings. Worked well enough. Afterwards I ran up 30 stories of tower book and that really hurt. Actually I did about 15 floors before I had to walk.
Thursday - back in the pool. Thought about extending the session to do 3 sets but didn't as had to get back to work. Interval sprints is also painful and there is a psychological barrier to overcome. Lost my lap timer again so don't know ho long it takes.
 Friday - Work overtook and destroyed the treadmill run. Hoever I did go to beyoga for partner yoga with Senay. With a flirtatious instructor and very intimate positions with Senay both had a good workout - all with our clothes on!
Saturday - Replaced the normal bike ride with a long swim - 4x1000m ith 2 minute recovery. This was about 1.45 with P&P/B. Untimed but I reckon that it was probably a negative split. Felt good and a 5th and probably a 6th were possible.
Sunday - An hour trail running at FRIM ith Luca. We went off up the mountain bike trail which as good but with a lot of climbing. Unfortunately lots of nasty sized stones and I got badly bruised feet on the way down. Still 8.6km in an hour which was pleasing.


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