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Lots done but Not Enough Time
by Denis Oakley in

A manic week or so. I had a great ride up to Genting Sempah with Arif and gang. Yip timetrialled it. I was second up having stayed in 55 12 all the way. Mind you everyone else was doing 200k so they needed to save thei legs.

I was really pleased about the gearing. First time i had done it. Acceleration before the steep corners helped.

Sunday was a gentle stroll with family through FRIM.

Monday I had a breakthrough swim session which was amazing. I was considering bailing by 30% but didn't and even managed a 10 metre sprint at the end. I have never swum so fast for so far. Guess I will soon though.

Tuesday was a difficult day. Had a 1500 hot hill run. This stretched to 80 minutes due to navigation problems. I think that I did 9 tough hills around penchala and it hurt. It hurt more trying to run back down them at speed after.
My feet were blistered by the time I pulled into TBB for Some cold water. Then ran the rest of the way barefoot.
Got back to the office drank my protein and collapsed with most of my hearing gone and feeling a amazingly bad. Went to doctor and got flu medicine but was not convinced.
Wednsday well the medicine had no effect on me. Abscessed tooth which explained a lot. Not flu after all.
Tried swimming on Thursday but just did 500 m of maintenance.

All good fun

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