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by Denis Oakley in

Well I've had a terrible couple of weeks. As best I can work out Senay and maya brought back a virus from France which I caught. I got a fever. I had an infected root canal and to extract the tooth part of the jaw had to be removed. The root canal infection spreAd to my sinuses and I had a long needle poked up my nose by the ENT specialist. And my big toenail came off again.
Training has not been consistent. On a day off a day. Good workout followed by bad workout. Totally miserable.
So back in harness.

Saturday I did a circuit of Sungai Buloh - Guthrie - Kota Damansara on the bike. I averaged just over 30km/h but that was brought down quite brutally by the traffic lights coming back through Kota damansara. Good ride. Stayed in top gear pretty much all the way round and with a reasonable cadence as well. Drank a bottle of energy juice but think I needed a bit more.
Afterwards I did a k up to metropolitan square and back barefoot. Great. My first Brick for ages and the impact on my heart was really noticeable to start with.

Sunday went off to TTDI with Luca again which was great fun. Didn't make it to Desa Parkcity as hoped but still covered a fair amount of ground during the hour and a quarter we were running. Luca was a lot fitter and we spent the whole time nattering away. Fast downhill at the end and then roti chennai to replace the energy. It was absolutely wonderful running though the woods on good trails. Nice footing, cool under the canopy witty the green cathedral all around :)
Monday was back in the pool for my first session since it all started unravelling. The last time I'd dome the 3k negative split
session it had been a huge breakthrough. This time with no real swimming since then it was a grim struggle from start to finish. Completed it in just over an our and then spent another hour playing with maya in the water. Top


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