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Vibram Five Fingers - For Sale
by Denis Oakley in

Regular readers have probably heard me going on about my Vibram Five Fingers and how I am now running in them almost exclusively.

I'm going to be ordering some more for myself and can also order for anyone else who wants some. 

If you've never seen or heard of them - have a look at www.vibramfivefingers.com. If you have heard of them and think they're cool consider

  • How light they are on your feet - Dance like a butterfly sting like a bee
  • How fast you can fun - my cadence and speed have gone up considerably since I started wearing them
  • How much your feet can hurt in trainers - I pronate but my arches are strengthening as I run more naturally - oh and no black toenails from downhill running
  • How natural they feel - you feel the stones and the mud when trail running - but they don't hurt. Very weird.
  • How odd you'll look wearing the 6 toes special edition. [joke]

Price should be no more than RM500 but I may be able to get it down as low as RM 400 depending on the numbers ordered and the styles.

I'll deliver to Bukit Aman on Sunday Mornings, TBB in Damansara Perdana, or you can come and collect direct from me in Damansara Perdana. If you're outstation I can send out to you - but there may be a small additional charge.

If you're interested send me an email with your preferred model, colour and size (pls use the sizing chart provided in the website). The sizing chart works for me - despite it being different to the way your normally size your feet.

I'll then get back to you with the cost and availability. 

Any questions send me an e-mail to oakley.denis@gmail.com or post a comment


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