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Lunchtime Cycle
by Denis Oakley in

It wasn't really training; It wasn't very nice either.

Senay got delayed at the embassy and gave me a call to say could I pick Maya up. With my mouth full of anchovy fried rice I of course said yes and grabbed my bike.

The broad problem with saying yes at lunchtime on a working day is three fold.

  1. It's hot
  2. I'm not in sports gear
  3. From here to the nursery is a W elevation wise.
Nice ride over the Penchala link and down to TTDI. Cool breeze. Loved life.

I was a bit thirsty but picked Maya up and headed back. The W perplexed me, but taking Maya over the Penchala Link seemed like a bad idea. I decided to go back via Kg Sg Penchala.

This it turned out was a silly idea: Hybrid bike, with crocs (think sweaty feet), baby on board and a profile that was like this WWW. Oh, and jeans

I was drenched and wrung out buy the time I got home and feeling worse than I did after the hard session this morning.

Nice time though 


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