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Things I Want to Buy
by Denis Oakley in

  1. Replacement lap timer
  2. Lap counter
  3. Small paddles
  4. New bike pump
  5. Quarq power meter
  6. 2 more sets of vibram five fingers
  7. Endless pool for the balcony


Denis Oakley said...

New Bike Helmet

Denis Oakley said...

1. Replacement lap timer – a little stop watch that goes on your index finger. When you do a lap you press it ith your thumb and presto you kno ho long the lap or the set took you. Lost mine though
2. Lap counter – various electronic and non-electronic devices for counting the number of laps you’ve done. One I’ve seen you press an it updates the laps on a digital display under water. My session distances are alwys off by 5-10% because I lose track

What exactly are these stuffs above?

Denis Oakley said...

And a new set of chain wheels with fewer teeth

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