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Lazy New Year
by Denis Oakley in

Well I wasn't exactly lazy, I as just very busy and so my new year's eve swim got munched by the hands of time and didn't happen. I'd also managed to lose my goggles, pull buoy, lap timer and paddles. They have totally disappeared. :(

Friday - played ith Maya in the swimming pool lots and did lots of treading water

New Year's Day. I spent working and had a rest day

Saturday - lazy

Sunday - in the pool in the morning with Maya - lots of treading water. Afternoon we went to FRIM but it started raining so went climbing instead. Maya was absolutely amazing. Climbed about 20' up by herself. I did a great horzontal overhang move which left me with no skin on my ankle when I used it to hold my body weight. [technically - helping me to balance]. Very pleased as I couldn't do it a couple of months ago. Tried to find replacement pool kit and spent loads of money buying everything apart from paddles. No small ones available. Lap timer - blank incomprehension.

Monday - Cycled don to the pool and did 30 lengths with medium paddles. Really enjoyable swim. Did some left side breathing and some breathing every 4th stroke. Felt good and strong and that the break had done me good. Cycled home in big gear and almost made it to the top of the hill before coming off my seat and standing up


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