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Life is Better than Blogging
by Denis Oakley in

The only thing worse than bloggers who don't have a life are photographers who miss life.

So Tuesday I got up early and headed up the hill again. I'd gone to bed late and so getting up at 0630 was unpleasant - and as I'm not training for an ironman I can say that and not be whinging. Maybe.

Standing in the lift with my eyes closed I was interrogated by a chinese ytouth as to what I was doing and where I was going. I just pointed at the hill. He said "It's dark" I shrugged and kept my eyes closed.  Left him behind as I got onto the down slope to the gaurdhouse and started accelerating. Kept the pressure going all the way up the hill. I am really feeling my increasing strength and speed now. What am i going to be like come December?

Ran through some knee deep mud and water and discovered that by fingers didn't keep out grit. Which rubbed on my healing blisters. Ouch. using that or the dogs as an excuse I cut the session slightly short and did about 35 minutes. The best bit came at the end as I sprinted up the 15% slope to the condo. I started from a slow jog and kept accelerating  and it felt as if I was on the flat. True I had a huge oxygen debt at the end [fancy way of saying my lungs were on fire, my chest was doing an imitation of a porn star, and I was curled up on the ground as my vision blurred] but i flew like a bird. Super fast cadence and up on my tippy does. i danced up the slope and felt like a young Apollo in the dance. Wow.

Wednesday cycle was easy. I didn't have too much trouble with the 1 minute bench presses. OK a little hard towards the end but I couldn't really work out how to increase effort without increasing cadence. The last 10 minutes of cool down was terminally boring.I read on facebook that someone did a 6 hour turbo at the weekend. I'd have to be an accountant before I could do that.

Thursday. Met Paul lee at the pool which was a nice surprise. Paul is always really modest about his abilities - but to misquote Churchill - he does really have much to be modest about. A fine steady stroke that will comfortably see him through Langkawi without wasting much energy before he gets onto the bike. Mon was there too. Protesting that he was very unfit - I was impressed by how little muscle wastage there hadn't been from his brush with Dengue. He should do well at Kenyir.

I was still on the medium paddles doing triangle sprints this session. A nasty idea as to start with it was very difficult to push the larger paddles at speed. The key it turned out was to increase strength on the puush/pull and decrease the cadence whilst focusing on stroke quality. I'm now able to maintain power for about 40 - 50m which is pretty good compared to a couple of months ago. Senay has noticed too and is buying me white shirts 'to show off your muscles'. Young god as I said. :)

Charged back on the bike after supper after give the pool manager grief for not giving triathletes a season discount. Send them an email to  info@theclub.com.my to help them treat us better. Also ask for clocks at either end to help timing.


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