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Off to Genting Sempah with my 55T Chain Wheel
by Denis Oakley in , , ,

I picked up Senay and Maya at KLIA last night and was kicked out of bed at 0630 as the rest of the family had jetlag. No matter that it was muy alarm clock that had disturbed them from restful slumber.

Shortly after 7 I was on the road off to Gombak with the new 55 tooth chain ring ready for its first road test. The first 5 minutes were like - Oh Shit. This is hard work - but I think the majority of that was due to cold muscles, starting on a hill and of course the big gear.

I stayed on the big chain ring all the way - shifting down only when I bumped into Terry Tan - Terry whipped my ass a couple of years ago going up to the top of Genting - and almost killed me as I tried to chase him back down on my tri bike with no gloves. My hands kept on sliding off the handlebars leading to braking difficulties on corners! Terry was with a friend who was putting on a good show and so I shifted back up and shot off again.

I discovered that I could play my iPhone on loud speaker which was really cool - but not loud enough. I probably deserve some grief for this - but my answer is wear ear plugs!

I felt the ride up was a lot faster than last week - but my calculations made it either 53 or 63 minutes which was really disappointing. I over took 3 people and was caught by none and I rocketed past all 3. 43 minutes would be too fast.

The ride down - captured here by some dudes I don't know was a lot faster and more confident than last week.


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