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Lazy Running
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Friday Night and it was negative splits on the treadmill. Tonight 30m easy followed by 30m moderate. I did the first half at 7mph (11kmh) and the second at 9mph (14.5km) with a 5 minutes kicker of 12mph (19.3kph) to round off the hour. I totally forgot to see how far I ran but I guess it was in the region of 8 miles (12kmh)

[sorry about the miles - I still haven't figure out how to change the machine to work in km]

The lazy bit cam when I decided i couldn't be bothered to run in trainers and as it wasn't a challenging run and I wasn't going to sweat that much I could do it barefoot.

One of the hard things about this run is to maintain a high cadence 90+ throughout. Wih weeks of practice I'm managing to keep this above 90 and once I've warmed up a bit into the mid 90's. On the home run it was consistently over 100 and probably average 105.

Here's a nice video of some barefoot running

Two good things to note - look at the way that he runs much more on the front of his foot. Not much heel strike. The other is the delicacy and rapidity of foot placement especially over rocky areas.


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