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Thursday Swim - Unmemorable - but with video
by Denis Oakley in ,

In some ways this is an easy session because it is short. It is also over quickly. 6 x50's with the 50's split as 25 fast and 25 very easy. These are followed by 100m all out with paddles and pull buoy; then 100m easy with PB. Repeated.

I think that the intention here is to use the sprints to really work the arms and tire them out. Then the 100m with paddles and PB is really meant to kill them and thus simulate what it is like in the last km or so of a hard swum iron man.

I can go totally aerobic on a 25m sprint. I breath every 8th stroke or so and have a very high cadence. In contrast when I put on the paddles there is no way that I can maintain that cadence and the speed comes from developing strength through the pull. At the moment I can make 50m before my arms die. The back 50m is absolute agony as you keep telling the arms what to do and they grudgingly, very grudgingly obey.

Here's how you should do it

In contrast the 100m recovery is beautiful. With the pressure taken off you swim, plonk, plonk, plonk, plonk. Effortless and lovely.


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