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Friday Frolics
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Slept with the windows open last night for a wonderful sleep. Pulled myself up just after 7 and was down on the treadmill soon after. It's strange but the intensity of my new programme seems to roughly match where I was half way through my last ironman plan. And I'm not even in the base stage yet. That said the benefits already seem to be huge. I can run and swim a lot faster already - and whilst the endurance isn't there yet it will come.

Though as I did my 11.25km easy run this morning I realised that there is a lot more to do. I was starting to feel a little fatigued by the end of it, but after a facebook chat with Simon yesterday about the Everest Marathon there is a lot I have got to do in 4 months.

Not only have I got to be able to do a marathon - which I know I can. I have to be able to do it cross country - which I have before. I have to do it only really shit terrain - nope. At altitude - nope - but I did run down Ras Dashen  in Ethiopia once. And in the cold - anyone go a walk in freezer I can train in?

Still its all about building blocks. Build slowly. Carefully. Consistently. Results will come.

So scores on the doors - 11.26km in 1 hour. Cadence - 90+ usually about 92-94

Injuries - stiff shoulder and upper body. slight hot spot on right arch. slight bruising on left heel


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