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Short Sharp Swim
by Denis Oakley in ,

Another new swim session at Lunchtime today. This one had a core of 6x50m ith the first 25m of each as an all out effort. Folloed by a 100m all out effort with paddles and pull buoy.

It didn't take long but it hurt a great deal. With the 25 metre sprints I found I as very much taking 4-6 strokes per breath as I'd got the lung capacity to cope with the intense anaerobic effort. It also improved my position in the water. ONe of the things that I find about swimming fast is that with a high arm cadence I cannot twist my body fast enough and so end up keeping it flat most of the time.

Nothing remarkable about the rest of the session - just that I struggled a bit when swimming without pull buoy. Crutches are great.

Came back and am half way through the 2 kilos of fruit I seem to eat at lunchtimes now a days.


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