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Wet Run on Tuesday
by Denis Oakley in

As I had a breakfast meeting at 7 this morning I made the hard decision not to run before hand. Trail running in the dark is miserable. I was late back and then picked Maya up so a lunch time run as out as well. So then NI interviewed a guy for a sales job and came out thinking wow - he really sold himself to me. So to clear my brain I went for a run. As it was hill fartlek day - kind of like intervals but worse I headed out and around flora damansara, bukit lanjan, penchala and back up the hill to Damansara Perdana. 8 Significant slopes in all :(

Ho did it go? Well I took hard to mean lungs hot and breath wheezing and boy did each hill hurt. I weakened on the 7th and eased off a fraction because I didn't kno ho long the hill as and didn't know if I could do it without giving up. Caught myself and pushed back again.

It started raining as I left the office, stopped once I got over the first set of hills, which made it just hot, and then back over again brought me into a steam cooker. The last hill back into Damansara Perdana as very hard but enjoyable.

Took ages to cool don and had a plate of stir fried veg in oyster sauce to fill the hole. About 45 minutes of running


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