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Monday - Swim
by Denis Oakley in

I really ought to be more original with these titles - but there is only so much you can say about the same swim session every week. So I'll see if I can stretch it to 500 words this time :)

Forgot to look at the plan before I left the office and was well impressed that I managed to get it onto google docs and read it via my blackberry. of course there were a couple of problems. A 20x50m set with 30s rests became a bit longer as I added a 200m warm up and cool down with paddles at either end.

The water was disgusting. No visibility and full of dirt and crap - yes the local swimming pool at the Club @ Bukit Utama. I hope you're reading this and are embarrassed and decide to do something about it. [Ed. Denis still seems to have kept that naive streak]. Fortunately I still had my nose clips to keep the filthy water away from my mucus membranes. Unfortunately these fell off after 2 3/4 lengths.

About the only highlight of the swim came from when I was experimenting with my twisting and ended up doing a length in 1:02 with no real effort. trying to repeat it my next five lengths fell apart totally and by the fifth I had just about forgotten how to swim and was struggling at 1:11. by the end of the set I'd squeezed in a 1:12 which marked the miserable end point of a session where I felt like a blubbery whale - no I don't have a surfeit of female hormones either!

Readin my instructions now I did n't even have the grace to have particularly tired arms either as a result. Stroke had fallen apart but I wasn't that tired. Ate a kilo of fruit when I got back to the office though and was pretty zonked by the time I finished work at 19:30.

Tomorrow's run is looking problematic as I have a 0700 breakfast meeting and not a lot of opportunity to squeeze it in later. I'll have a go though.


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