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Cycling on the Blacony on Wednesday
by Denis Oakley in

Oooooh! Resurrection by PPK just came on as I started this this blog. One of the all time best songs for exercising too. It captures that effortless riding the groove of your own ability and strength that we get sometimes. Awesome.

Not the right song for this morning on the bike though as that was a take it easy ride with some big intervals. More on that in a minute.

Started feeling a bit hammered round the sinuses last night. Shen has sinusitis so I stole some of her medicine, and as the pain started creating a root network across my forehead and reaching out to my ears I snaffled an arcoxia. Deep, resting sleep for 8 hours. :) Out opf bed and the usual effort to find a pair of gloves. Shen and Maya were already up - one at 0400, the other at 0530. It was nice to be last up but still up early.

Onto the bike for 40 minutes of easy cycling punctuated by 5 x 1 minute of super hard peddling. As usual sitting on a bike on a balcony pedalling and going no where is boring. Like every Wednesday I got to watch the sky slowly lighten - no dawn though the hill blocks us getting a nice dawn.

Then the presses. First time I'd done these for a while, and definitely the first time I'd done them on the turbo. First couple of attempts I maxed the gears and still had a cadence of 60 which whilst challenging didn't meet the aims of the exercise. Second attempts I put the brakes on as well to make it a bit harder. Bit sweaty by then end of those. I'll go and change the turbo setting to increase the resistance :)

Off and then onto the treadmill as Maya was playing let's go to sleep and I was one of the playthings. Hot and sweaty I didn't com plain - only when she wanrted me to stand up - lie down - stand up . . . . :)


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