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Thursday Tuff Swim
by Denis Oakley in

This is the nasty swim that gets harder and harder towards the end. Where you swim faster and the breaks get shorter. Lots of fun

Had to get the taxi down to the pool and the taxi driver told me to beat my wife with a stick if she wouldn't let me have the car when I wanted. Guess that's why he's driving a taxi and I'm not. Each to his own, though beating an elephant is more fun - bigger target, you can hit it harder and they like it!

Jumped in and lost the nose clips after a few lengths. The pool was cleaner though and it was sunny so I enjoyed myself. My first hard length clocked in at 53s (compared to 1:07 when taking it easy) and my last 1:04. Most of the speed was lost after the first couple. I was pretty appalled by my stroke disintegration - having the aerodynamics of a garbage truck water skiing. So I focused on keeping the stroke and the roll together and really pulling on the arms. This usually worked for about 25m and then muscle fatigue set in. You can scream with exertion under water I discovered :)

Jumped out and ate a kilo of fruit afterwards. Good session enjoyed it and feeling the improvement in my fitness.


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