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Sunny Monday Swim
by Denis Oakley in , ,

Just a quick note to everyone reading this - do post comments agreeing or disagreeing with my posts.

I love swimming and today was brilliant. It was hot as I scampered from the changing room to the pool and the soles of me feet burnt (poetic licence). The water as beautiful blue and cool. This is a brilliant life. I should be grateful more often. Once in the pool I discovered that I had left goggles, paddles, pull buoy and timer at home.

Fortunately the God-like Simon Cross helped me out with a pair of goggles. Thank you Sir.I also had a set of medium paddles in my bag. So free from the tyranny of a timer I set off with my toes dragging along the bottom.

This was great as it forced me to put my head down - swim downhill as they say - to force my legs up. The bigger paddles were hard work at first and my cadence as noticeably slower. My stroke seemed noticeably better though. Speed - I have no idea.

Started cramping in my feet towards the end - that's why I love pull buoys - but not too bad

All good fun and my 30 lengths done happily - though my arms were tired by the end of it. I must have been super fit back in February. Soon will be again :)


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