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Hotties on Hills
by Denis Oakley in , , ,

Before I get an irate call from my wife I should mention that the 'hotties' were my feet!

In a well meaning attempt to clear up the Christmas leftovers I polished off an unanted bottle of chilled red wine and a couple of beers that had more than a year before their best before date. Getting up this morning was a bit of a struggle. So instead of going for a run I stayed in bed and read.

Evening runs always get killed off by work or family commitments and so I headed out at lunchtime. No clouds, lots of sun. I was wearing my fingers again which I am growing to love running in. Barefoot running is a lot more natural and enjoyable than wearing a Nike prison cell on each foot.

The insulation isn't great though and with my blistering pacing, a lightning cadence and a hot road my feet were soon sweating and feeling the pain. I headed out to Flora Damansara, up through Bukit Lanjan and then took a quick trip up to the Penchala tunnel before heading back to Mofaz on the LDP and up the final hill into Damansara Perdana for iced water at TBB. Thank you Daniel.

Good run. I hit 6 hills each a bit more slowly than the last but as pleased with how my cadence was. It got very hard towards the end of the 50 minutes and I really wanted to stop and walk. Especially as the seams were giving me big raw patches on my feet.

Runnning at lunchtime is great though. Firstly people look at you as if you are mad. More importantly a lot of triathlons end up with you running late morning, lunchtime or afternoon. In the heat. So if you only train in the cool of the morning you're not really preparing well.

Plus for an orang putih like me the heat always kills my running in races. Better to take my pain now and learn to dish it right back out.

Running along the white lines and thinking of Badwater. Bad idea.

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