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Christmas Morning Run
by Denis Oakley in

I was Christmas Cooking and so I chased everyone out of the house as soon as I could. Cooking however had started about 0700 for an intended delivery of 1500. One of the problems that we have is that when we switch the electricity on for the cooker the oven goes on to maximum heat and stays there. We've had 2 control units now but the problem remains. So with 2 ovens on full blast, 4 gas rings and a turkish simmer pan going the kitchen got very very hot.

I'd done everything I needed to for a while by 1100 so headed out to the balcony for a 40 minutes run on the treadmill. Did this as 7mph for 10, 9mph for 10, 11mph for 10 and then back down to 7mph for the 10 minute cool down.

The thing that is hard about this workout is keeping the cadence above 90 the whole time. I just about can do this at 7mph, and it's obviously easy at the higher speeds. The killer is in maintaining it on the cool down when you want to relax and settle down into a plod. Which is possibly the point of this exercise. The first 30 minutes are there to kill you legs, then you have to maintain a high cadence with tired legs. Great for preparing for a fast Ironman marathon.

Not so great for cooking Christmas lunch. I had a shake and then went back into the Kitchen to supervise dripping swat copiously. I almost fainted and the next hour and a half was absolute hell as I struggled to find any internal physical or mental balance.

Still people said that the lunch was nice and asked for seconds so it wasn't all in vain :)


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