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Back to Work Swim
by Denis Oakley in

And so back to reality from the joys of Disneyland and Macao. I jumped into the pool at lunchtime. It's a few days now so I can't remember that much about the session - apart from hitting some poor girl with my paddles. They'd been dodging in and out of the lap lane for 20 minutes and I'd dillifgently avoided her and her friends. But as the sprints increased in frequency I looked up less and less and so it came as a total suprise as I hit someone. Swore brutally at her and then ploughed on. For some reason they went back to the play part of the pool immediately.

Got a new speed record of about 46s which was pleasing but I was really struggling by the end of the session and my arms were pretty much dead. Most if the lap times were in the 50 - 55 mark - with the recovery laps being about 1'14"


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