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Disneyland Cycling
by Denis Oakley in

We went to Disneyland Hong Kong on Tuesday and for various bizarre reasons we ended up in the 'wonderful' Disneyland Hotel. It would have been good if there was even a glimmer of PG, in it, but it was all resolutely U. Maya of course loved it.

So I got up early intending to go for another run - but found a gym. I had several annoying minutes trying to figure out how to disable the video screen - part of the bike - that insisted on playing Disney movies at me whilst I cycled. Aaaargh.

As usual Wednesday cycling is painful - 10 x 1 minute max power efforts. The thing I hate about cycle machines is that it takes about 15 seconds to move from easy to max - as you hit the + button multiple times; and then the reverse once you've done your minute.

Good enough though that my legs felt rubbery at the end. I have a terrible feeling that I'll soon be running after this session :(


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