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Running in Macao
by Denis Oakley in

It's a few days ago now so this will probably be a bit briefer than usual - I'm also cooking Christmas lunch for 8 at the moment so that might reduce the word count. Of course I may choose to stay in denial and refuse to leave the study to sort out the chaos. :)

We'd stayed in the Venetian in Macao a tawdry decadent sumptuous parody of Venice which was focused on extractin money as quickly and efficiently as possble from the gamblers and tourists who visited Macao. Padding through the Casino at 0600 with the Chinese and Hong Kongese gamblers still going strong was a surreal experience.

Out on the road I decided to try and head for the centre of Macao. I'd brought my fingers with me as they were lighter and used less space. This was the first time that I'd used them for an all tarmac run. Off I headed into Macao - but there was a path going up a step hill and so up I went. My legs and lungs were burning by the time I reached the top. I then headed into a park on the hill top but the paths weren't lit and I could hear critters in the undergrowth, so headed down a road.

Two encounters with packs of dogs later I was back where I started only another couple of hundred meters along the road. I was nicely warmed up though and I had a nice high cadence - uphill and down. It's interesting that running with fingers I have to be very careful with my foot fall - other wise I end up with bruised heels - ouch.

Onto the flat and I cracked up the pace as I headed into the centre with a couple of all out accelerations held for a few seconds at max speed. Then it was time to head back to the comfort of the huge suite that we had.

People had warned me about the tendon issues in adjusting to the Fingers but up to now I'd had no problems.   After the run though I had very sore, unexpectedly sore calves which lasted for a couple of days


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