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Wednesday Bike Ride -
by Denis Oakley in

First training session on the bike and it almost went pear shaped from the start as I hunted the house for my bike shoes. Eventually found where I had hidden them and mounted my bike - on the balcony.

Front wheel is mounted on a couple of wooden boards - ex-IKEA bookshelf vintage to keep the bike level. Tape is coming off the handlebars; the Garmin GPS bracket is broken and the cadence sensor doesn't seem to work. These are all cosmetic though. The pedals do work :)

OK - not totally mind numbingly boring. There was a little bit of interest when the fan washed cool air over my back every few minutes. There were also some little birds flying around which were diverting to watch. For a few seconds.

Tried to stay down on the tri-bars but it was an ache and kept coming back off them. Kept going back down though. It's just a learnt muscle skill and after a few weeks it will come more naturally again. The bike setup seemed a little wrong - maybe the seat is to low.... A few more weeks and I'll think about it. The mileage isn't high at the moment and there is no pressing urgency to spend time fixing it.

I'm struggling to find words about this. 40 minutes. started, did it. Finished. Having breakfast :)


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