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Thursday Swim - The Big One
by Denis Oakley in

This was the big swim of the week. 200m then 12 x 50, 9 x 50, 6 x 50, 2 x 50 and then cool down. Instructions were to take it nice and easy - get used to doing the set and then harder work would come along in future weeks.

I started late as I'd had lunch with Shen at home and lept into the pool. I felt a lot more natural than I had on Monday and I maintained my stroke for a lot longer before I started feeling a bit tired. The 12's I did in about 1.07, the 9's in about 1.11 and the 6 and 2's in about 1.13. The last 200 I did in 5 minutes.

Part of the speed drop off was due to cutting the recovery period during the 12's down to 23s from 30s (because it fit with the clock easier) to try and save a bit of time so I could get back to work quicker. I decided that this was a bad idea with the first few lengths of the 9's and put the time back on. Bad boy.

Inner thighs were very sore afterwards from gripping the pull buoy and shoulders were a bit stiff. The set was probably somewhere between easy and moderate. I wasn't knackered at the end and I was never breathing heavily but my muscles were all tired. Total time - a few seconds under the hour.


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