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Friday - Treadmill Run
by Denis Oakley in

Maya woke me up. Put her back to bed. Alarm clock went off. Put on Snooze. Maya woke me up. Gave up and headed downstairs to the treadmill after sorting some toys out to keep her quiet and Mummy asleep (Mummy then got up to see what was wrong because she was so quiet!)

I still haven't fixed the treadmill to display in km/h and so have to do lots of complex mental calculations to figure out how hard I'm working. I struggled to find a balance between easy jog and high stride rate. I'd set the machine at 0% gradient and 6mph - 9.65km/h which is a comfortable speed that I can run and talk at. That dealt  with the easy.

Getting my stride rate up was the hard bit as increasing it beyond a slow lumber started pushing the perceived effort up the scale. Still I got it set at about 92 by about the 25 minute mark and then because I was getting bored it trended upwards to about 98 where the effort was becoming more like moderate. No heavy breathing but very definitely a lot more muscular activity going on.

Finished after 30 minutes to help sort out breakfast and had done 3miles or just under 5k. Wore my Vibram five fingers again and marvelled at how comfortable they are to run in. The best thing about them is that you don't have the same slipping problems on a treadmill that you do when running bare chested and shoeless in a tropical climate.

Then persuaded Shen to get on the treadmill - she got up to 16mph before she pulled the plug. Wow!


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