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Tuesday Morning Hill Run
by Denis Oakley in

30 to 50 minutes over undulating terrain. Moderate to hard on the ups, easy to moderates on the flats and  easy on the down hills. It didn't quite work like that as there weren't any flats.

Watched the first 2 episodes of Rome last night with Senay - all sex and gore - and had a couple of beers. Then spent most of 4 - 5 awake as Maya suffered with teething. At 6 I was feeling a bit groggy so gave it another 20 minutes before getting out of bed and heading out the door. As it was a trail run I wore my fingers again. :)

No watch or HRM as it is all meant to be about perception. The problem with this run is that there is a 100m steep downhill out of the condo to start with, then it's all up hill straight away. No nice flatness to warm up. Straight into a hard effort.  The gates were locked on the construction site but I managed to sneak through and had a wonderful 20 minute run climbing up to the first high point, down through the mud of the construction and then up to the cliff over the motorway and then down to the motorway. That was quite hard to go down taking it easy. On the way back up it was an absolute killer. I goes straight up at about 30% and I kept on trying to maintain a high cadence. Push. Push. Push. by the 2/3s point I was feeling my outer gluteal muscles really fatiguing - which was interesting as I didn't know that I had any. Back and down from where you get ITB. Still I made it with hard breathing, but not burning lungs. Legs were ok too. Then up and over the crest and a joyful fliught down the mountain. Feeling more confident now in the performance of the five fingers I started taking larger descending strides. Slogged back through the calf deep mud which was hard work and then gently relaxed into the final downhill to home.

About 40 minutes all in. Slightly sore feet, lots of sweat and a protein shake to finish off. Now to wake Maya and Sehn :)


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