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Monday Swim - First Training Day
by Denis Oakley in

I listened to Simon and bought some nose plugs as the 50m pool at Bukit Utama always gives me a fever. Felt very funny at first as it seems I blow out through my nose as well as my mouth but got used to it.

750m as 15 x 50 with 30s. 4 arm up 2 cool down with pull buoy. Rest with small paddles and pull buoy.

Laps were generally about 67s with the fastest being 63 and the sloest being 69.

Darren gave me a great lap counter that goes on my finger and this really helped to keep tabs on how long each lap was taking and importantly how much rest I'm taking. I think in the past I've taken too much.

Strength was OK until about lap 7-8 and then arms started getting quite tired. That as when I realised that the whole session was only 750m. How the mighty have fallen. :) Only in the water for about 20 minutes (after telling my coach that it would take me over an hour!).

Good session and came back to work feeling pretty invigorated.


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