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Sunday Run
by Denis Oakley in

After Saturday's fiasco I was determined that Maya and I would get out early to do a run. So a 6am start was pencilled in, but after a mini-stroke I felt a bit lazy and when Maya came barrelling out of her room yelling "Lilo, Lilo" I succumbed to the inevitable and put "Lilo and Stitch" on for her. We sat and watched the whole thing whilst munching marmalade on toast and then left the house at just after 9.

It started raining as e walked across the courtyard and that really cheesed me off as with the Maid fuck up on Saturday I hadn't done any exercise and I knew the next week as going to bugger my schedule again. I didn't have any waterproof stuff for Maya but decided to carry on and hope. [Senay told me afterwards that I had, oh well].

It drizzled all the way to FRIM and then the rain stopped, I pulled on my 5 fingers so that they could lose their running virginity www.vibramfivefingers.it. I've worn them around at home, in the UK and run on the treadmill with them They are absolutely brilliant but this was to be the first outdoor running session with them.

Popped Maya into the buggy with yellow kickboard - don't ask why - and headed off. I decided to do an out and back along most of the usual circuit route. The last 1/4 is very steep going down with a pram and doing 3/4 is about 6km. The first k is on tarmac with a sloly increasing gradient which reaches about 20% on the last 100m before it turns into trail. I was a bit slow starting off as usual and was puffing for the first few hundred yards and my arms ached ith buggy pushing. By the time I got onto the trail i was ell warmed up and settling in.

The trail follows the side of the hill slowly gaining height with lots of ups and downs. the 5 fingers were great - great sensitivity but not too much and plenty of traction and control when I needed it. Like running barefoot but not having to worry about stones. Amazing. Got the usual stares and smiles at the mad lain-lain running up a hill with a buggy but got to the end of the canopy walkay pretty quickly.

Maya came out and spent 15 minutes throwing stones and sand around and scrambling up rocks - and drinking ALL of Daddy's litre supply of water. Then we headed back and I picked up a pretty fast clip. Trail running with a pram is better than mountain biking. It also scares people as they hear both bike sounds and feet approaching very fast and the to don't tend to go together. When cornering you also have to be parallel to the bike in order to get the vector changes at the right time. Wonderful and Maya loved it. Think I'm training a speed junkie. [evil laugh]

Got back to the car quickly (about 40 minutes of running maybe) and grabbed some 100 plus and ent to the free fish spa where Maya had her fingers nibbled by the fish and I de-sweated.

Brilliant run - no watch, no HR, no times, no distance, just fun


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