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Morning Run
by Denis Oakley in

Back up the hill again. Up 3 times for Maya during the night. 2nd time left her by the potty and lay down on the floor in her bedroom and went to sleep. When I woke up an hour later she as back in bed with her pyjamas pulled up. :)
Still asleep as I looked up the hill at the gatehouse and pressed start on the watch. To make up for it I started off a bit faster and 10 paces later I slowed don as I felt my HR going too high too quick. Nice jog up the hill - no pressure on the speed - just getting my muscles back used to training again.
It's lovely running in the mornings and I figured out why google spends so much money on pointless applications that don't make money - think - maps, scholar, igoogle, blogger etc. It's because it is creating a stealth ecosystem with search at the centre. If you use all these great products you'll use search as well and that will protect it's ad revenue. There are then huge switching costs to move to another search provider. Clever - exactly the same as Microsoft but a voluntary tie in without the anti-competitive practices of Billy boy.

Beautiful morning as I said. Lots of dogs barking so had a bunch of stones in each hand - no need. Paused at the top to enjoy the view from Batu Caves, Kepong, Sungai Buloh and down towards the coast. then a gentle jog back don to protect my knees. Very relaxing and best of all 2 minutes faster than Tuesday


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