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Weekend workouts
by Denis Oakley in

Leo Sayer rulz! got up early on Saturday and headed out to Frim. I deliberately did not play any heavy metal en-route and so reached the car park in a fairly relaxed state of mind. So much so that after a few minutes of running I decided that music was a distraction. I focused on managing my heart rate at a sustainable level whilst keeping up a good speed. I was a bit slower than last week but then I didn't need a rest break half way up or a big break at the top for 5 minutes to recover. Pleased with that. did 2 circuits of the canopy track and then headed back instead of doing a big circuit as originally planned as my arches were protesting. I think that I will probably wear orthotics for KK as the misery of being crippled by bad arches seems a bad idea. Then as Shen was back from climbing late I jumped on the bike and did 30 minutes gentle turbo. Sweated gallons and watched a totally incomprehensible Chinese film about some uber-dude called Shilong Cool battle scenes though. Maya made my sleep patterns a misery again and I retreated to the sofa with a talking book and hot chocolate. The rain was still heavy at 6 so I kept my eyes shut. May do an hour on the treadmill later


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