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Baby Hell
by Denis Oakley in

I tried to do a run on the treadmill yesterday but it didn't work. I started going aerobic at a really low speed and my hip and groin muscles hurt. I gave up after a couple of minutes figuring I'd hit it a bit hard on Sunday with 2 runs.

Today - well I'm just tired and frustrated. 4 hours of toddler jet lag tantrums after she went to sleep so easily at 2000 has killed off all plans I had for studying and exercise. I haven't felt this fucked off with life since sleep deprivation kicked in at birth +3 weeks. I can't think of anything else to say that is remotely cheerful so I'm going to stop writing.


Simon said...

I'm feeling it with you bro. Barely a night goes by without one or other or both of the twin coming in our bed. Sometimes quietly, sometimes screaming their heads off. Then they spend the night kicking me in the head, the goolies and any other sensitive bit they can find.

There's only one solution - train yourself to do without sleep - I think it's overrated - who needs it anyway?

Keep pushing that stroller up those hills - if nothing else I have to say that you were looking very hip and cool on Sunday.

Anyway, don't worry it's only the first 18 years that are the worst.

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