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A Good Start - Sunday 27th September
by Denis Oakley in

Oh the joys of jet lag and a 2 year old. Maya finally fell asleep sometime after 2 and I pressed snooze when the alarm went off at 6, and at 6.10, and 6.20. I got up quickly after that and cracked open a coke and stuffed a marmalade sandwich dowwn my gob before waking Maya up for the experiment. I'd thought about running with her before but had been put off for various reasons.

I almost cancelled as after 20 minutes I still hadn't found where Maya had put the car keys, Unfairly blaming her. Not really. Senay and I don't usually put them on the bottom shelf by the Encyclopedia Britannica. Off we went though and due to the lost time and concerns about how capable I was of pushing a pram over the full course I parked at the WP Mosque. The first hill was tough as I started out uphill with no warmup. Maya was pretty much out for the count, munching away on her dummy and clutching a flask of apple juice.

Still I was heartened by the smiles of many runners going back the other way and as I rounded the corner I spotted the friendly faces of Simon and Dave who seemed surprised and pleased to see me. Dave no doubt moment before had been saying something like "I bet that nutter pushing the pram is Denis". Went past Bee about 10 minutes later as I ran into Sri Hartamas. It was all a bit disappointing though. Usually when I run I do go faster than most people. This time I was so late that there was no one to go past - even far far ahead in the distance.

one of the things about running with a pram is that it gives you a much finer appreciation of where the hills are. Coming back is quicker because it is all down hill. There is also an irritating safety feature on the pram so that the front wheels vibrate uncontrollably slowing you down if you go too fast.

It felt good and I was pretty happy with the result. Next week I will probably work on the double hills as doing those will give me lots of benefit - and some pain.

Had breakfast - 3 Roti Chennai + Nasi Lemak with Maya who woke up towards the end of the run and was then utterly cheerful and endearing - before heading home.

In the evening I did another set of interval sprints. Again level 12. It was hard to keep my legs turning over fast enough and by the end of the session I realised why you wear shoes on a treadmill. Sweat, speed and an incline makes a slippery slope to run on. :)


Simon said...

Indeed, very surprising to see you with the pram but great to see you back. Keep it up dude.

Denis Oakley said...


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