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Tuesday 2nd June
by Denis Oakley in

First real swim since IM. Got the paddles and pull buoy out and headed down to the Club with Maya and Olfer. I did a good session with paddles and pullbuoy of 4x100m WU, then 4x25 with the last 25 all out - 4 times. That was followed by 200m ALL OUT. Aaargh. It hurt big time. Glad I wasn't using the paddles but by the end of it my arms were screaming and as for my lungs - well blast furnaces don't come much hotter. 4 minutes rest and then a very easy 4 x 100m cool down.

Met Mon, who I totally failed to recognise due to lack of glasses and exhaustion.

Quite pleased with the session. Technique seemed to have improved (apart from the all outs where it was irrelevant) with head down, face coming out of the ater less and good rotation, with three months of rest.

Stamina and strength were a different story with the warm up feeling uncomfortable and my shoulders almost hurting by the end. I'll probably use smaller paddles for the next few weeks. 

Then had a great time playing with Maya on the slide and in the paddling pool. Great end to the day  :)


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