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Wednesday 3rd June
by Denis Oakley in

Up at 0700 and feeling a bit groggy. Shoulders a bit stiff but not so bad.

It took a few minutes to set the bike up on my new cycleops trainer, and then a few more to move it to a new position to get rid of a 3 degree lean to the left. First time I've been on the bike for 3 months and so I had a pleasant ride on the balcony - looking out over TTDI and Damansara with the cool wind on my face and going nowhere. 

Olfer brought me tea and toast which I munched away as I rode. First time on a turbo since my thrice cursed Tacx died and it was really good. It did feel like cycling on a very smooth road and resistance increased with speed it was great.

I only did 45 minutes rather than the hour intended due to the late start but quite pleased. Need to adjust the headset though as it is at a slight angle. Then 5 pull ups - slowly getting stronger :) and 5 minutes standing on my calf stretcher before a well deserved cup of tea and more toast.


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