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Thursday Brick
by Denis Oakley in

Up at 0500 for a quick trip to Klang and back along the E1 - 30km or so each way.

Thinking back to the Method I put the bike into the top gear once I got onto the LDP and left it there. Up off the pedals on the hills andkept a good pace all the way though it was too dark to read my Garmin. Average heartrate was in the mid 120's which is pretty much about right.

On the way home had to stop for a number 2 which slowed me down somewhat and then had an awesome run off the bike. The only thing that mattered was high cadence and after 5 minutes I looked down because the atch as bleeping at me. Too fast it was saying. Damm right too fast I thought when I realised that I was doing about 3.30 pace off 100rpm. Sure that must have been an error but haven't downloaded the data yet. The remaining 15 minutes went down at 5.00 pace which was very comfortable  and felt moderate rather than high aerobic.

Slow Cadence on the bike. Fast on the run. That's what the Method says and it seems to work.

 Best of all at the end of it all I felt really fresh despite having had 2 great workouts. 


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