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A Good Weekend
by Denis Oakley in

I just had a look at Emma's blog http://teamtrihard.blogspot.com/2009/01/hang-on.html and realised for the first time that the hours now have significance on the count down timer. My heart did a little lurch.

Friday was a really shit day personally but it proved to be great from a training point of view. Something about anger management . . . :). I took Vinnies advice and just did 25m with 10s rest - swimming fast (but holding form) and resting so that I could maintain it over the session. I think that I did 1000m w/pb, 1000m w/pb&p and 250m of sprints. Joy.

Lunchtime was a run and I had quite a lot of anger and hatred in min so I tried to do a 35/25 negative split run out to the Damansara Tol entrance to the E1 via Sunway and Tropicana. I think I did something like a 35/31 with the killer being the last hill back into Damansara Perdana. Enjoyed it though and felt at peace with the world afterwards. High cadence does seem to help alot and I'm not finding such a problem with the heat either.

Saturday I was on the bike at just after 0420 heading out towards PD again. I decided to keep it simple and just headed straight down the E1/E6. I bought the ironguides ironman training plan on friday and decided to follow it for the reminder of training. The first hour was a bit pants as my pants were rubbing despite copious amounts of vaseline and I had to stop at USJ R&R for a plaster. Then a pee stop. Then I was hungry, then by the time I approached the F1 circuit at Sepang I was so sleepy. Music please and with Gnarls berkley's Crazy blasting I shot off like a rocket. Instead of doing a 180minute/180minute split I decided to do a 195/165 split and hit it pretty much bang on to kill 173km. So 7km short of the 180 in 6 hours wasn't bad. Race fueling and pace again and no stops this time apart from those mentioned and a quick pee at turnaround. 

The way back was good - i saw the group as they climbed the hill toward Sepang and as they did so I started building into a hard effort for the last hour from KLIA to the exit at Damansara. I was a bit limited by my gears but I was definitely flying along - I was drafting off a truck at one point (is this legal in IM?) and the asshole decided to turn off at Shah Alam and I was half way along the slip road before I realised. 

Decided that as I did the whole thing in top gear I really needed some tougher gears (especially as I was losing loads of time on the downhills as a result). Also got the water bottle rigged on the aero bars which provided refreshingly sticky sprays of go juice over me everytime I hit a bump. 

The run aftwerwards was a 10minute easy, 20 minute comfortably uncomfortable and 10 minute c/d. The run was relatively easy though hot - the killer was the hills up and down, up and down. PLeased with it though and it seems that running off the bike is getting a lot easier. Picked up Shen for 12 and had a picnic in TTDI.

Sunday morning I was pounding the road to Sri Hartamas from Bukit Aman trying to get 10k done in 50 minutes in order to meet a friend for a second 10k at 0630. I did 8 1/3 and including the warm up and c/d that wasn't bad - I was blistering up the hills though. I also ran the opposite was to the whole of the Pacesetters 30km run and waved at Sam on the way.

Met up with Stefan at 0630 and did another 13k which was both hilly and hard. I'd conciously been trying to kill me legs on the first set and the running with Stefan, for the first time, he was trying hard to prove that he was tougher than an ironman wannabe. He set the pace as we slowly overtook the pacesetters and went up hill after bloody hill. My legs hurt so much (Saturday didn't help) but eventually Stefan couldn't stand the pain anymore and we ended up doing a walk run walk back from where the 2 hills route joins the normal route. Ignorning those the average looked to be a lot better than 6.00 (though with them in fell down to 6.25).

Then and still without breakfast I headed to the pool for 20 100's. Lovely thing 50m pools. In the end I did 16 100s with paddles and pb as I'd run out for time in order to get Maya to toddler gym on time. Swim was very hard for the first 500m but after that I settled down and kept my head down. Very tired once I'd finished and pleased with the weekends work.

I'm now feeling very fit and increasingly confident of my own ability. I'm still aiming just to finish Langkawi but think that I could see a huge improvement next year if I keep training consistently.

The big realisation for me this weekend was that whilst I may do a bit of exercise I can still comfortably say that I do less than the average American watches TV.  If I did 33 hours of training a week I would die!


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