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Ironguides Phuket Training Camp
by Denis Oakley in

I signed up for this to give me a last dose of training before I start an enforced early taper due to my England trip next week.

Run by Emma's coach Vinnie in the same place that Team TBB trained - Senay and I probably slept in the same one Chrissie Wellington used - the location was great. 

At the introduction meal I felt a bit superior as I was  the only one training for an ironman. That arogance was knocked out of me the next morning hen I realised that everyone else had been there done that and were looking for podium places at 70.3's and OD's. 

The Method is basically Strength, Speed and Endurance workouts. Each trains different sets of muscles and so we jumped into the pool for a horrendous set on the Saturday morning. Declining intervals systematically killed my arms and then made them work harder.

The bike ride was more fun being a 60km cycle with a 250m climb in top gear with no gear changing allowed during the ride. I had my second crash of the weekend (the first was when I tested my brakes after assembly and the rear wheel popped out at 30km/h whhops) when I realised I hadn't tightened the stem and the handlebars were suddenly at 30 degrees. whoops. 

The climb as good but hard and I got into a good rhythm for the ride going back to the camp. Unfortunately I couldn't quite catch everyone else up. Off the bike we did 6 1 mile time trials  with a minute break. I really enjoyed these as they broke the mental blocks that I couldn't run fast off the bike, and I could run in the heat. I did and whilst I didn't touch 5.0 pace I was still at sub 5.50. :)

Felt good

The next day had speed intervals in the pool. 12 x 25 (1 hard, 1 easy) followed by 100m hard and 100m easy repeated 4 times. My 25m splits started at 16s and went down to 21/22s by the end. Knackered.

Then onto the bike again with a 70 minute out and 50 minute back. Going out was a gentle gradient (again in top gear with no changing) with rolling hills over the last 20 minute with a very fast return. I was probably averaging 42km/h plus for the last 10km - so much in the zone in fact that I missed the Villa by 5km and started the run a little bit more fatigued than everyone else.

The run was a 35 minute out and 25 back. I ran out of track and ended up in the jungle at 32 minutes so I did a 32/28 split with some pacing from Shaun. Cheers mate. Again I ran faster and harder than I had ever had before. Damn I felt good and bad in equal measure once I finished.

The final day was an open water sim in the lagoon. 3 x 450m and then 3x450m with paddles. I was pleased with my navigation though I was tired by the time we got out and headed for the run intervals. The run intervals were very hot - working for a 100 cadence (50 right foot strides in 30s) out and back out and back for I think 20 reps. 

For me the best part of the camp was that it really challenged me. I've been working quite easily. Doing the hours yes, but my workouts could be a lot more intense and higher quality. 

But I'm on the right path. Nothing was there that I couldn't do and the whole experience has opened my eyes to hat I could achieve with better and more focused training. I'm not totally convinced that I can accept the pain that I'd need to to win a rac but I've made start on that too.

Definitely worth while.


Emma said...

Hey Denis, Glad you enjoyed sadistic Santana and the Method. It's all doable at the end of the day but you are right it just depends how much pain you are willing to take and endure EVERY DAY! Well done, look forward to chatting with you soon :)

Denis Oakley said...

Hi Emma, after my brick this morning I am definitely going to sign up for a plan next year. I think I can achieve one step change in performance as a result of the training camp immediately and a second once I start rigorously applying the principles.
If you are of a mind too after Langkawi we could start getting TTH a bit more formalised with regular Method sessions and become more of a club as opposed to individuals with common goals.

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