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Long Ride 3rd of January
by Denis Oakley in

This as a brilliant ride. I'm really busy at work now and training is taking more time so daily updates have gone out of the window.

This was meant to be a group ride from Midvalley - but I wanted to do a bit of a race speed and nutrition trial which meant few stops and a slower speed than the group. I was also a bit unwilling to do the extra 1/2 hour to Midvalley and back at each end.

So with little idea of my route I headed off down the LDP towards Port Dickson with 2 1/2 litres of power juice and 14 gels! I started off gently but was a little bit tense due to my route finding until I got to Salak about 3 hours later and 90km in. Then it was pretty easy. Senay called me as I was having a pee and just before I was going to call her.

The hills were nice and the road into PD was miserable and full of traffic. My bike as squeaking and so I stopped at a bike shop for a bit off oil, missed the coffee shop and refuelled at the shell. Then headed home. Felt really comfortable and as overtaken by the group about 30 minutes later. I stayed back to avoid drafting but did have a nice chat with Sam.

I as riding in a huge gear by this point and when I followed KK off towards KLIA I just started motoring and the miles disappeared without effort. I decided to head straight up the E2 as a quick ay home and had a really emotional point when I passed 180km (Putra Heights Interchange) for the first time in my cycling life. One of the big buttons that has given me confidence that I ill enjoy my Ironman.

Came home with 210km on the clock and went for a quick run. Coming back from that I met one of our neighbours Kim ho asked what I'd been doing. I said "I've just been for a 10 minute run" "man, I though you were fit, you look terrible" "well" I said. "I did cycle for 7 1/2 hours before that ...." 


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