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Sunday Run and Swim
by Denis Oakley in

I didn't hurry leavinng the house this morning and so missed running with the guys. My plan was to do increasingly fast 20 minutes and so I decided to start off slowly and get easy negative splits. 

The trouble is that there are all these people to overtake and I ploughed ahead. it took a while for my cadence to get up - and to be honest it was low all the way through today - 90 on the way out and 91 I think on the way back.

Gane overtook me at the 5k mark and then 10seconds later stopped and ran back the way he had come. Then I saw him again at the petrol station. 

Was confortably uncomfortable the whole time and was pounding away as I went passed Sam, who I recognised, and Simon who I did not. Sorry Simon. The Emma who was looking suprisingly happy and relaxed. In fact this monring I saw loads of people (more it seemed that I knew than I didn't). For completeness - Meng, Arif, Harrold (?), Chris, KK, Bee, Aaron and the fat 30k chap who cheered me up the other week. Had a couple of minutes at Petronas and charged back hoping o catch Chris up.

My right foot was aching - the bones on the top again and I think it may be because I am lacing too tight. Have to change that in the next few days. Didn't catch Chris up which was a bit gutting - but Gane was the only person to overtake me which was reasonably pleasing.

saw Emma doing the last touches to her 30 as I was heading up Jalan Parlimen and blew into the car park in 49 minutes and an average of 5.11. Sweaty boy. Had a nice catch up chat with Bee and Emma and then headed off to the pool. Emma was interested in how warm the pool was as it is only a few hundred yards from her house. I'll probably see her there on Tuesday morning.

I headed to the poll and did 8 200m's before cramps in my feet made life too much a misery and I headed for home


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