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Saturday Long Bike
by Denis Oakley in

I'd been intending to head up the North South Highway at about 0400 for 6 hours of run when I was totally suprised to read in the plan that I only had to do 4 hour easy. Ok I thought and headed off easy. Hard to do easy when you have a new set of gears to play with, you're only doing 4 hours and youy feel strong and race worthy.

It was quite inspiring seeing all the traffic as every man woman child and dog headed back to their hometown. I totally flew along - at one point I was flying up a hill at  45km/h with no apparent headwind. Wow! I turned round at the Proton City exit and headed back over the wonderful undulating hills. Great riding and I was really enjoying cranking it out in top gear and keeping my heartrate low :)

Then I started to hear a poppping and  creaking. I came straight off the tr-bars afraid that the carbon stem was going but then thought that it either came from left foot or bottom bracket. Took my foot out of the pedal noise continued so I figurd it was something in the bottom bracket. So I stopped and found my pedal almost totally unscrewed. Hmmm. Screwed it back in - but the rotation was a bit stiff. Cycled another hundred yards and the pedal flew offinto the middle of the NS! OK.

So ended up cycling back to Rawang one footed which was quite hardwork and getting a taxi home. Still managed to get 3 and 1/4 hours of great cycling in - cancelled the bricxk 


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