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Friday Swim
by Denis Oakley in

I hurt this morning getting out of bed at 0740 but was down at the pool at 1115 for more pain.

4x100m easy w/u 6x [ 25 ALL OUT, 25 Easy / 20sec rest 50 ALL OUT, 25 Easy / 20sec rest 25 ALL OUT, 25 Easy / 20sec rest 100 ALL OUT, 25 Easy / 20sec rest ] • With paddles and pb • Ensure you swim the easy as very easy, and the fast with maximum effort! 3x 200m easy c/d // 30sec rest Full Session!

I actually learned quite a lot. I think the key thing was that one ay to stop my stroke from disintegrating when I try to go fast is to actually slow my stroke rate down and push harder.

It took me a while to figure this out, but suddenly I was gliding a lot better, it was easier to keep my head down and my rotation was much better. In a 25m sprint I may be fast but more akin to a glacier calving than a polar bear in my grace in the ater.

Enjoyed the session though and gloried yet again in an empty 50m pool under bright blue skies.


Simon said...

Hey yo - how come you changed your blog without telling us?

I've found you now anyway and added you as a link on tritwins.

see you soon.

Denis Oakley said...

Same blog. Different title. Different address as well. Sorry.
Thanks for the link


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