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Pain without Measure
by Denis Oakley in

The swim was not painful. Irt was meant to be 12 x 300 but as ever time meant that it had to be cut short. As ever I had my wonderful Olympic 50m pool to myself. 3/4 was in the sun. The last 1/4 in shade and it was beautifully cool. Bliss.

Not a lot to say other than I kept my head down and swam at an easy pace really enjoying the rhythm. Totally joyful . Got back to the office and ate a fish Kung Po, portion of chips, mars bar and 1/2 a pineapple and was still hungry.

The run was painful. I'd spent quite a lot of time figuring out where the best place to climb stairs and then go straight out to do a 5 minute sprint was. I eventually settled on the back stairs in the car park. 6 storeys so plenty of height and I could then run to the shop and back which, with maybe a repeat would give me my five minutes. 

The run in theory was this:

RUN 50min as: Near a steep hill or a flight of stairs in a stadium (bleachers) or office tower: 15min easy w/u 4x the following • 6x 20sec hill/stair/step repeats, going up them FAST and skipping steps • Easy descend • After the 6th effort, RUN on FLAT surface 5min FAST • Repeat the above for four repetitions total (ie 24 total hill/stair climbs and 20min total fast running) 15min easy c/d

Was actually happened was that because I ran the first 2 reps very fast I set my 20s as 4 storeys.  It had just rained and humidity was probably above 90% and it was very hot in the stairwell. The first set was OK. The Second painful. The third - well I was retching on the first rep and almost passing out by the third. The fourth - I couldn't do.  I couldn't face the pain.

The 5 minutes fast were actually easy in comparison partly because it was so much cooler. When I finished I jogged back to the lobby and was shocked to find that I was staggering in a way that I haven't done since I bonked on some of my early long rides in Malaysia.

Still I think I achieved the point of the session which was to run fast on tired legs. 3 five minute fast efforts on top of climbing 72 flights of stairs isn't anything to be ashamed of . :)


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